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About Us

Hotpower Tech Co., Ltd. is established in 2003, Shanghai,China. We specialized in Gas/Oil Burner components which are widely used in the industries of Cooking, Baking Equipment, Heat Transfer Equipment, Drying Equipment, Filtration Equipment, Ceramic Production and Processing Machinery and filters.

The Brand ETT, registered in China and Europe ,which is used for our burner components. In addition, we also provide OEM service to better fulfill customers' specifications in positive manner.

Relying on superior quality and excellent service, our products have been selling well in the North American, Southeast Asian, European and the Middle East markets, and have received high praises from

Hot Products

Ignition Transformer for Industry Burners
PT 01-1,PT 01-2
PT01 series Ignition Transformer for Industry Burners, replace Brahma,Allanson
Weishaupt Burners Ignition Transformer
W-ZG02 Ignition Transformer use for Weishaupt burner.
Ignition Transformer
ET 05-1/F,ET 05-2/F
Ignition transformer ET 05-1/F,ET 05-2/F for Burners/Stove /Furnace/Oven, replace Fida
flame Sensor for Gas burner
IS series
flame Sensor More than 100k times for ignition Single pole Electrode/Sensor for burners//Gas stove /Furnace/Oven made in China
Electronic Ignition Transformer for Burners
ET 03-1
ET 03-1 Ignition Transformer for Burners/Gas stove/Furnace/Oven 1*15KV 33% in 3 min Replace Danfoss EBI,
Ignition Transformer
XT 06-1,XT 06-2
Ignition Transformer for Burners/Gas stove /Furnace/Oven
Photocell for oil burner
Photocell PTC1B detect flame for oil burner, replace Siemens QRB1B
UV Sensor
PTV2 UV sensor for use with burner controls, for the supervision of gas flames and oil flames.replace Siemens QRA2.
Gas Pressure Switch
Gas Pressure Switch overpressure systems for calderas.For multiblock and double solenoid valve.
high voltage ignition cable for ignition transformer/electrode
High votalge cable for igntion, max tension 20KV~30KV.
Beru special spark plugs
ZK 18-12
The ZK 18-12 special spark plugs with safety tubes.
Ignition rod for industry gas burner
Ignition rod for industry gas burner ,replacement for Beru ZE14-12