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Ignition Electrode,Senser for Burners thread type

Item Code:thread type Features:Ignition Electrode,Senser for Burners Industrial Ceramic More than 100k times for ignitio Threaded-Type electrode for Industry gas burners//Gas stove /Furnace
  • Description

Ignition Electrode,Senser for Burners


Material: 95~99% alumina;
feature: high mechanical strength, electrical insulating, no-porous, resistance to high temperature and high voltage, and consistance dimension;
application: mechanical equipments, industrial equipments and lamp holders;

1、major components:
  95% 96%.99  al2o3
2、material properties
density: 3.6g/cm3
water absorption: o
sintering temperature: 1600-1800°c
3、physical properties
hardness: 1500hv
flexural strength: 3000kgf/cm2
compressive strength: 25000kgf/cm2
fracture toughness: 3-4map.m3/2
4、thermal properties
maximum temperature: 1800°c
coefficient of thermal expansion: 8*10-6/°c
heat shock: 220t(°c)
thermal conductivity: 14-25 w/m.k(25-300°c)
volume resistivity: (1)in 20°c >  (2)in 100°c  (3)in 300°c  >
5、electrical characteristics
insulation breakdown strength: 18kv/mm
dielectric constant: 9.5100mhz(e)

Main modles as follow: 


Code  Model   Φ.A(mm)  Thread.B(mm) length.C(mm)  Insulator Length.D(mm) Φ.E(mm)  Length.F(mm) 
 25200022 MS 14-15-390  6.35  M 14*1.25  15  24  3  390
 25200023 MS 14-15-440  6.35  M 14*1.25  15  24  3  440
 25200045  MS 18-24-490  6.35  M 18*1.50  24  26  3   490
25200049 MS 18-15-390 6.35 M 18*1.50 15 24  3 390





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