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Ignition rod for industry gas burner ZE14-12

Item Code:ZE14-12 Features:Ignition rod for industry gas burner ,replacement for Beru ZE14-12
  • Description
Hotpow ZE 14-12 Ignition electrodes wildly using for different kinds of gas burner on industry boiler, furnace, oven.
Our porcelain made by isostatic pressing firing, resistance to 18kV, the center electrode wire using high temperature resistance of Fe Cr alloy, meet the majority heat treatment working environment. With high pressure sealing technology installation, the external shell ensure product excellent air tightness. Based on this characteristic, our electrode can suffer high temperature and pressure at same time ,also could be used as an ionization probe offer stable ion signal for the control system.
* With high insulation, well oxidation and impact resistant.
* Working temperature reach to 1300 Celsius.
* Sevice life more than 10,000 times.
*suffer high pressure from the chamber of furnace
* Specailly for industry gas burner,pilot burner.
Insulator: 95%AL2O3 Ceramic with glazed surface for insulating 18KV under 1300~1450 °C
Center rod diam 3.0~3.5mm ferritic iron-chromiumaluminium,alloy (0CR27AL7) suffer 1300~1400 °C
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