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Photocell for oil burner PTC1B

Item Code:PTC1B Features:Photocell PTC1B detect flame for oil burner, replace Siemens QRB1B
  • Description

 Compact photocell with infused two-wire thermoplastic cable. The flame detector is available with standard (PTC1A) or high sensitivity(PTC1B) and with or without flange/clamp or soft plastic plug.

  PTC1A without soft plastic plug. This type of detector is fitted with the help of a securing flange.

A guide groove in the securing flange and a cam on the detector clamp ensure vibration-free mounting and make certain that the detector is always correctly sited towards the flame.

PTC1B with soft plastic plug. For mounting this type of detector on the burner, all that is required is a hole with a lateral groove.



Code Model Remake
23100002 PTC1-B red head,high Sensitivity


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